This is like the Easy-Bake Oven for skincare…

If you’ve ever wanted to churn out a fresh batch of face serum or cream, you’ll definitely want to keep reading because customized skincare has reached new heights thanks to a gizmo called Romy Paris (and you’ll want to check out the site to see it in action).

For those of you who still prefer to read (I love you), here’s the gist… For starters, reserves of serum and two moisturizer bases (one lighter and one heavier) are housed in the device—which is about a foot tall and weighs about six pounds. To determine your formula, you take an in-depth questionnaire via an app on your phone, and it can also cull information from your Apple Health app to include factors such as sleep and physical activity. Once you complete the questionnaire and receive your “formula,” you feed active ingredient capsules into the device so they can be mixed with your vehicle of choice right before application, which ensures maximum freshness and potency (without the need for preservatives). In less than 10 seconds, you get the perfect amount served up on a spatula so you can apply exactly the ingredients your skin needs at that very moment. And by the way, the device has Bluetooth so it can tell you (via your phone) if you’re running low on serum or cream.

This virtual cosmetic chemist doesn’t come cheap… You’ll need roughly $635 to get started for the first three months, and this gets you the device and about 56 individual skincare servings. Once you run out, you can purchase extra active ingredient capsules, serum and cream in boxes that range from about $22 to $42, which honestly isn’t that bad.

Romy Paris is available for pre-order now, just in time for the holidays!

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