Happy Earth Day!

April 22nd can only mean one thing… No, not Hump Day, but rather Earth Day! The fact that we all call this rock home is the common thread that ties us together, so each and everyone of us has a responsibility to take care of Mother Earth so she can continue to be hospitable (and habitable) for generations to come.

I’m far from perfect when it comes to environmental protection (my SUV certainly doesn’t help), but I do take steps to conserve energy and reduce waste. I recycle like an animal, going so far as to save paper and print on the other side. I turn the lights out when I leave a room. I bring my reusable bags when I go shopping. And I do not drink bottled water, so you’ll never find me without my cup—which I had to personalize with Glossier stickers since my husband has the same one.

One of the major upsides of all-natural and organic beauty products is that they are inherently eco-conscious (in addition to being free of chemicals that can work their way into our bodies and do G-d only knows what). I haven’t kicked all the conventional products out of my bathroom just yet, but in honor of Earth Day, here are a few of my natural and organic favorites.

I know I’m leaving many fantastic products out, so help me out by sharing your eco-conscious go-to’s!

Cheap thrill: Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Is it foundation, or is it skincare?