Melt-proof your makeup

I stepped outside this morning and the humidity slapped me in the face. My first thought: I guess blowdrying my hair last night was a waste of time. My second thought: I’m going to be running around Miami all day today, how is my makeup going to last until my afternoon meeting? Then I remembered that I have Pixi Beauty’s new Makeup Fixing Mist, and the panic subsided.

I’d be happy with this mist’s refreshing sensation alone, but the fact that it boosts my makeup’s staying power is a major plus. You can spray it on before makeup to prime your skin for a long-lasting look, immediately after application to lock makeup in place, and throughout the day to revive your makeup and give skin a healthy, dewy finish. It also creates a soft-focus effect that makes those little imperfections look less imperfect as it delivers a dose of moisture that plumps up your skin and prevents makeup from settling into pesky nooks and crannies.

A must to help makeup stand up to the sweltering heat this summer, I won’t be without this one!