NARS just made my makeup dreams come true

There’s only one thing better than a kick-ass makeup palette… A makeup palette that you create yourself! No, this isn’t a completely new concept—but NARS has taken the idea to the next level with their new Pro Palettes, which are bigger (and better!) than anything else you’ll find out there. If you want to at least feel like a professional makeup artist, one of these is the way to go!

Available in two sizes (the small is about the size of an iPad Mini while the large is on par with a standard iPad), you simply choose your palette base and start mixing and matching shades of eyeshadow (singles or duos), blush (highlighting, contouring or regular) and pressed powder (bronzing and pressed). The online tool makes it so easy, and it also lets you see your picks all together so you can make sure they mesh—and that you don’t double up on anything too similar.

Yes, these palettes can get pricey once you’d load them up, but you actually wind up saving a few bucks on each product. For example, a blush for the palette costs $21, while the standalone version goes for $30. (The actual cost of the empty palettes are $14 and $18, so you see they pay for themselves after 2 or 3 selections.) Not sure what to pick? If you don’t even know where to start, simply pick one of the MUA-curated options and you’re on your way to gorgeous!

Is anyone else as excited about this as I am?

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