Performance-enhancing perfumes? Yes, please...

I’m going to throw a crazy idea out there… What if you selected your day’s scent based on what you want to accomplish? That’s the philosophy behind xSense, and this innovative company is using science to create fragrances that are actually proven to help you work more efficiently, enhance your physical performance, relax and more. Though they only contain jojoba oil and essential oil blends, the clinical results don’t lie. (Check out the site for the specifics, which are really impressive.)

Whether you need WorkSense to support concentration, PlaySense to promote stamina and endurance, or RestSense to chill the f*** out (or all three) xSense even gives you different ways to reap the benefits of these proprietary fragrance blends. You can apply to pulse points or under your nose with the convenient rollerball or surround yourself with your scent of choice with the Personal Diffuser (which can even be controlled remotely by a smartphone app) or the USB Flash Diffuser. And if you’re in need of olfactory help with other issues, xSense can customize a scent just for you.

As much as I love each and every one of my perfumes, I’d definitely swap them out for xSense if I was on a crazy deadline or training for a marathon (as if). What about you?