Stop blisters in their tracks

This time of year is somewhat of a fashion twilight zone, since the weather outside says one season while stores and magazines say another… Personally, I’m ready to bid adieu to my summer sandals and say hello to more boots and loafers (so much so that I already rearranged my shoes to put fall-worthy styles front and center in my closet). But with more closed-toes and heels my feet inevitably take a beating, but I’m optimistic that PreHeels will keep blisters and irritation at bay.

In a nutshell, this aerosol spray creates an invisible barrier that protects your skin from friction and rubbing, in turn preventing the formation of blisters. It dries in less than a minute so you can slip into your stilettos and go—and it’s sweat- and moisture-resistant so you can use it before hiking, running or just a day of a lot of walking. The mini size is perfect for tossing in your bag (since it can take a few hours to realize your shoes are rubbing), and the full size offers more than enough applications to get you through the break-in phase for all of your new fall shoes.

Speaking of… What styles are you eyeing for fall?

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