This new spray helps keep you on your feet

I have a penchant for towering heels that might look great, but let’s just say they don’t do any favors for my feet. I believe Oprah once called them dinner shoes, because getting from the car to your restaurant table (and back) is about as far as we can go comfortably. It’s really a shame because I’d trot around in my favorite heels more often if not for the pain, but there’s a new little work-around that helps keep you on your stiletto-clad feet, Still Standing.

If any of you ladies are running around town for New York Fashion Week, I recommend getting this spray pronto. Unlike those shoe inserts and non-slip things you stick in your shoes, this spray uses a blend of menthol, arnica, aloe and ilex that works to actually prevent the pain caused by too-tall shoes. The company recommends spraying your entire foot and allowing it to dry before slipping into your shoes (and they also suggest you buy the portable size spray for touch-ups a few hours later). Keep in mind this spray is not intended to prevent pain caused by ill-fitting shoes, and it will not prevent blisters if your shoes rub you the wrong way. Full disclosure: I have not tried this product, so I can’t vouch for it just yet, but I’ll certainly be trying it when I’m running around New York City all day and all night next month!