The must-have hair ties you have to get now

When I started IBB a few years ago, Emi-Jay hair ties were one of the very first products I covered. When I actually had hair long enough to get into a pony, these were my go-to for a few reasons… First, they don’t pull or tug on your hair. Second, they come in every color under the sun. Third, and perhaps most importantly, they’re really comfortable to wear on your wrist, which as us gals know, is crucial.

Frankly, I was happy with the original width, but their new Skinnies are a welcome addition to any ponytail or arm party. You get the same ouch-free hold and spectrum of colors, and this new style comes in headbands, too!

While I was poking around the site, I also came across the Crystal Ladder Headband, which is begging to be ordered. Perfect for those times when I’m too lazy to do my hair but I still need to look polished, this blingy number uses Emi-Jay’s signature elastic for a perfect fit—and no headband headache.

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