Trade samples you don't want for samples you do!

I have a little beauty subscription box addiction, and while I love getting to try samples of products I’d never buy otherwise, I recently found myself with a big old bag of stuff that I really had no use for. And wouldn’t you know, that very week, I learned about a clever new website, which helped me clear out the clutter—and get my mitts on some stuff I’ve really been wanting to try.

Here’s how it works… First, create an account and start posting the samples you want to unload on your page, search for products you want to try, and start negotiating! My favorite part is that you can search by skincare, makeup, fragrance, hair, body, nails and more, and “sellers” are rated, so you can see how they stack up reliability wise. Happy swapping, ladies! P.S. Check out this cute video that explains it all!

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