The new hair styling tool celebrities are going nuts over

We spend (or waste) a lot of time on Instagram, and although our list of followers skews more toward friends and family as opposed to celebrities, we do enjoy taking a voyeuristic look into the lives of a handful of bold-facers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed a new Instagram celebrity, and it’s actually the new Harry Josh Pro Tools Flat Iron. Popping up in pictures from models like Gisele, Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr, and starlets like Rose Byrne, we had to get the skinny.

When Harry Josh launched his Pro Dryer 2000 a while back, the beauty world was overjoyed that this sought-after stylist had thrown his hat into the hair tool ring. His second offering, the Flat Iron, has been met with the same frenzy of excitement, but why? This high-tech straightening tool harnesses the power of digital technology to create sleek, shiny strands. It heats up in a flash, lets you adjust the heat setting, and the plates evenly distribute heat for less damage. It also uses far infrared heat to seal the hair cuticle and deliver major shine while nano-ceramic/titanium plates emit smoothing, hydrating negative ions. Sure, that’s all fabulous, but we think the Josh’s signature mint green color might have something to do with the demand! P.S. It’s on sale on right now!

Have you seen it on Instagram yet, and if so, who posted it?