The secret to flawless makeup all summer long

You’ll never find me without blotting papers, ever. I might not use them often, but they’re a security blanket of sorts in the event that I find myself in an overly sebaceous situation. But let’s be honest, they aren’t the most convenient way to eradicate oil since it usually takes about four or five sheets, and then they wind up at the bottom of my handbag. However, this is a better approach than piling on more makeup, because then I’m just left with a cakey mess.

Now there’s a new-and-improved way to get your skin grease-free: BeautyBlender’s Blotterazzi. You get all the oil-absorbing power of blotting papers in a reusable sponge that comes in an adorable compact (with a mirror!) for quick and easy touch-ups on the go. You simply press the dry sponge on shiny spots, and voila, you’re good to go. And I really like that there’s a back-up sponge for when I forget to wash the one I’ve been using. 

So as temperatures rise and your skin gets shiny and sweaty more often than not, these brilliant blotters have you covered!

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