There’s such a thing as Sun-In for grown-ups

No matter your natural hair color, I’m willing to bet you have a Sun-In story to tell. Whether your actual results yielded lightening and brightening or unfortunate orange-ing, this was a staple of all of our 80s/90s youth. Believe it or not, Sun-In is still around, but there are a handful of more hair-friendly (and more reliable) ways to get the same hair-lightening effects without the risk (or the cost of highlights)—and Klorane’s Sun Lightening Spray with Chamomile and Honey is one of them.

The number-two ingredient in Sun-In is hydrogen peroxide, which is NOT a good thing for your hair. Klorane’s version, on the other hand, features naturally-derived ingredients (including chamomile and honey) that give your hair a gradual brightening boost as it softens, detangles and nourishes. Just keep in mind that it’s designed for blonde and light brown hair, so don’t expect to go from a deep brunette to a brazen blonde—but you can count on looking like you’re spending your days kicking back and relaxing rather than being stuck behind a desk (without damaging your locks). Oh, and it looks super-chic when you pull it out of your beach bag.

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