This Chanel skincare regimen is both simple and luxurious

Some of us aren’t into super-complicated skincare regimens, and we’re not always in the mood to use our precious time for slathering on lotions and potions, either. But as time marches on, we realize that our skin needs targeted skincare products more than ever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to layer on the serums and creams each and every morning and night. If you’re wondering how we streamline our routine (while keeping it uber-upscale), check out Chanel’s Resynchronizing Skincare. (Seriously, if you can’t get on board with a regimen that gives you one product for day, one product for night, and one product for weekends, we’re not sure we can help you.)

This trio is designed to combat the skin stress caused by daily life (i.e. lack of sleep, travel and a hectic lifestyle) and improve dullness, rough texture and an overall fatigued appearance. The Morning Reactivating Face Care features exfoliating salicylic acid and energizing jasmine extract to help your skin face the day, while the Evening Recharging Face Care soothes and moisturizes with reparative frankincense and plumping hyaluronic acid. And when you manage to get a little downtime over the weekend, Weekly Renewing Face Care exfoliates with glycolic acid and replenishes skin with rose water. Together, these products have your skin covered seven days a week, and it doesn’t hurt that they look rather fancy displayed on your vanity.

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