A new "wave" in hairstyling

In case you haven’t noticed, the stick-straight strands that seemed to dominate the hair scene for years are gone. Now, most ladies are longing for loose waves with volume and bounce, but as we all know this seemingly effortless look actually takes a lot of effort. You need mousse, hairspray, a curling iron and more to achieve these romantic ringlets—but a new crop of styling tools is poised to make the process a lot easier.

A few years ago (when we still had long hair), we tried some crazy styler that basically sucked our hair in and twirled it around to create loose waves. But in actuality, it made our hair a knotty mess. Just in time for fall, there are two new styling tools on the market, and although we don’t have enough hair to try them ourselves, we’re betting most of you do!


Dubbed as “curl machines,” Curl Secret from Infiniti Pro by Conair (above, $99.99) and MiraCurl from Nano Titanium by Babyliss Pro (below, $249) feature brushless motor technology that eliminates the risk of snags, and draws hair into a chamber for a “surround sound” blast of heat.

There are a few benefits to these tools as compared to your traditional curling iron. First, no tension is placed on the hair or scalp, so this means less breakage and hair loss. These tools also deliver heat from two directions, as opposed to the one source for a curling iron. This means all of the hairs are exposed to heat to lock in the curl. There are subtle differences between the two in terms of features, but both have safety mechanisms, automatic shutoff and multiple heat settings.

If any of you have tried one of these new tools, let us know! We’re dying to hear if they’re worth the investment!

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