This genius invention lets you get every last drop of product

We all have different happy places… For some of us it’s a spa, for others it’s a Flywheel class, and for me it’s the Container Store. When I need to get a grip (literally and figuratively in this case), I make a beeline to my organization mecca because putting canned goods in a bin or maximizing extra space in my closet helps me feel more in control—and trust me, that’s a good thing not just for me, but for everyone around me.

Beauty-wise, there are some gems to be found and Every Drop Beauty Spatulas take the cake. No more standing bottles upside down or banging them into the palm of your hand, because with this ingenious tool, you can probably get an extra week’s worth of product when you may have otherwise thrown the bottle away.

The “Beauty” Spatula is perfect for foundation, serums and basically anything else that comes in a bottle that’s less than 8 inches high, while the “Lip” version is designed to get every last bit of lip gloss out of a tube before you toss it. (And we all know that there’s SO much left in there when we ultimately part with the tube.) And wait… These spatulas are washable and REUSABLE, and since they’re made with silicone, they won’t absorb your coveted products like cotton swabs.

Once you see how much time this little investment can buy before your bottles are officially “empties,” you’ll be as excited about these brilliant babies as I am. 

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