Is there anything worse than post-Halloween hair?

Full disclosure: I did not dress up for Halloween this year, unless you consider unleashing my inner MILF as a costume. (I think) I accomplished this feat thanks to black-over-the-knee suede boots, skin-tight black pants and a glittery vintage sweater—and a heck of a lot of hairspray. See, I’ve been growing out my super-short cut and I finally have a “style” again, but it requires copious amounts of product to coax my almost-straight strands into the slightest wave (which works wonders for disguising that awkward phase between a crop and a bob).

Naturally I loaded on the makeup, too, so a shower was imperative upon getting home. As soon as I stuck my head under the showerhead, it’s like all the product decided to rebel by forming a paste of sorts—and I was getting nowhere fast. Enter the only shampoo you need to eliminate every last bit of curl-coaxing spray, salt spray, texture spray and hairspray: Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo by Frederic Fekkai.

I’m very generous after a few cocktails, so I basically poured about one-third of the bottle on my head and started going to town on the glue stick that my head had become. After about a minute (when I had enough suds to give my son a bath), I began rinsing and breathed a sigh of relief when the aforementioned gunk was on its way down the drain. Oh, and the apple-pear scent got me thinking about all the drunk eating I was going to after grabbing the closest conditioner, rinsing and drying off. 

Next Halloween I won’t think twice about teasing, curling or even temporarily coloring my hair since I always have a bottle of this shampoo on hand—if I decide to wear a costume, that is.

This genius invention lets you get every last drop of product