Want the best haircut ever? Skip the scissors…

There are many approaches to cutting hair, and many celebrity stylists have made names for themselves by using out-of-the-box shearing techniques. In the past, you would have had to make a trip to New York to experience this type of haute handiwork, but I found a stylist right here in Boca who has mastered the razor cut—and my hair has been better off for the past 4+ because of her.

Not a week goes by that I don’t get asked who cuts my hair, and I’m always happy to share… Her name is L.A. and she’s at Peter Coppola Salon, and you should definitely check her out whether your coif is short and choppy (like mine) or long and layered. A rarely see a pair of scissors when I’m sitting in her chair and for good reason… Her tool of choice is a razor, and this creates a look that traditional scissors just can’t match.

Ideal for straight to wavy hair, a razor cut delivers texture and a not-too-perfect shape that works well for styles that are meant to look piece-y and a bit more messy. Unlike scissors that leave a flat end on each strand of hair, a razor leaves ends angled for a wispy effect. The beauty of a razor cut is that you can totally roll out of bed in the morning, throw in a little product and be on your way with no one being the wiser.

If you’re looking for an Anna Wintour-esque blunt bob, a razor cut isn’t for you, but you desire nearly undetectable layers and tapered ends, this is the way to go, and L.A. is your go-to girl in Boca!