What to do when you OD on the dry shampoo—but still aren’t ready to wash

Dry shampoo has literally changed my life, and if I was still washing my platinum hair on a daily basis, I’d probably have no hair left. Sometimes I find my mane is maxed out in the dry shampoo department, and although I can get away with another day or two oil-wise I need a little scent refresh—and that’s where Show Beauty’s Decadence Hair Fragrance comes in.

Delicious enough to be a perfume but formulated to be gentle on the hair, this blend of rose water, caramel, almond butter, vanilla, coconut milk, patchouli, musk and crème brulee sounds good enough to eat—but don’t. Unlike other hair scents, this one was created by an actual parfumeur, and the bottle itself is so gorgeous you’ll be tempted to put in on display along with your skin-minded scents.

Just what the ENT doctor ordered for hair that smells better than it does when freshly washed, this is a must for anyone who tries to keep their washing and styling to a minimum.

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