You need this double-duty deodorant

Come summer, deodorant is an absolute must (and kudos to you if you can get away with forgetting to apply it during cooler months). This time of year most of us are all about fuzz-free pits, too (and kudos to you if you’re confident to go au naturel) and frankly all this armpit upkeep can get exhausting. I discovered one product that helps out on both of these fronts, and it’s Whish’s Deodorant Swipes with Hair Inhibitor.

Full disclosure: These wipes only contain deodorant—not anti-persiprant—so if you’re a sweater, you may want to stop reading. But if you’re more concerned about scent than pit stains on your silk blouse, this might be the axilla accessory you’ve been looking for. (Fact of the day: “Axilla” is the anatomical term for your armpit.)

Infused with odor-fighting ingredients plus oat extract to slow hair growth, simply tear open the pouch, swipe it on, give it a few seconds to dry and be on your way. I especially like how easy it is to tuck one or two of these in even my smallest bag—because you never know when you might need a touch-up. Each box comes with 30 wipes, so you have no excuse for not stashing one in every clutch or tote so you’re always covered. And here’s a little tip for you… They can be used anywhere you’re prone to perspiration-related odor.

This cleansing oil makes me really happy