The IBB SweatBlock Challenge: No deodorant for 7 days

I live in South Florida. It’s hot. It’s humid. And I’m a sweater. (As in one who perspires, not the article of clothing.) But when SweatBlock arrived on my doorstep, I was intrigued, and I was compelled to give it a try—and I committed to seven days without my trusted Secret Clinical Strength.

Instead of a roll-on, cream or spray, SweatBlock comes in a pad that you dab onto your pits at bedtime. (The instructions say specifically not to rub.) After dabbing, allowing it to dry for 5 minutes (the chicken dance came in really handy for this, and my son was happy to join in) and experiencing a slight tingling sensation, I was off…

From days 1 through 4, all was well. I ran errands, I had a few stressful phone calls, and I showered as usual (though I will admit it was strange not putting on deo afterwards). My pits were as dry as the Sahara Desert, and I was sniffing myself enough to know that there wasn’t even a hint of a less-than-savory scent. It was actually Day 4 that I connected with SweatBlock’s PR, and she told me that you can use a natural deodorant like Tom’s of Maine if necessary in case you need a little freshening, so I picked one up, just in case.

Day 5, I had a bit of breakthrough sweating, but nothing major. But I’ll admit that by the afternoon I caught a whiff of my own natural aroma, so I promptly applied the Tom’s. By that night, I smelled like a hippie, and I didn’t like it. So yes, I showered, and went back to my Secret. (My challenge, my rules, my decision when it end it.)

All in all, this is a fantastic product… I mean, I did make it 5 days without deo. I would recommend this for anyone who’s prone to forgetting to pack essential products when travelling, or those who have a legitimate issue with excessive sweating. I would definitely say that SweatBlock is worth a shot before trying expensive, medically based treatments like Botox or MiraDry.

So what say you? Would you take the SweatBlock Challenge? 

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