There are no more excuses for not cleaning your brushes

Admit it, you don’t wash your makeup brushes nearly as often as you’re supposed to. Guess what… I don’t either. Not only is it kind of a pain in the ass, timing is everything, because how am I supposed to put on makeup if my tools are still in the process of drying? Well, wouldn’t you know… this clever little workaround removes the grime and bacteria in your brushes without the dry time.

Sephora’s Brush It Off Cleansing Brush Wipes are infused with a gentle, alcohol-free cleansing solution that easily (and conveniently) whisks away dirt and makeup buildup so you can start with a fresh brush every time. Since they’re individually wrapped, they’re great for travel, and since there’s no submersion (just wiping of the brush surface), you’re virtually guaranteed dry, clean brushes the next time you need to apply.

Although I love the concept of these wipes, I wouldn’t rely on them as my sole method of brush cleansing. Sure, they’re great in a pinch or when you’re tight on time (or when you don’t want to wear Saturday night’s smoky eye on Monday morning), but I still think brushes need a good deep cleaning every once in a while.

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