A hydrating antioxidant we can all afford

We’ve interviewed more dermatologists than we can count, and we love asking which products they can’t live without. Nine out of 10 times, the first product they mention is their favorite sunscreen (because it’s THAT important for preventing premature aging and skin cancer), and an antioxidant is usually second. Over the years we’ve reviewed tons of research that shows just how necessary an antioxidant is for fighting skin damage, and it works hand in hand with daily sunscreen for optimal skin protection. We could go on and on about which antioxidants are best, how the way they’re formulated affects their effectiveness, etc., but we know you want to check out today’s product and be on your way. So, meet Aubrey Organics’ Revitalizing Therapy Serum.

We’re not really why this product is called a serum, because it’s actually 100% organic rose hip seed oil. Packed with so many skin-friendly nutrients, it’s high in vitamin C (hence the antioxidant angle) as well as linoleic and linolenic acids that help strengthen the skin’s barrier. Designed for dry skin, this oil instantly smoothes rough spots for improved skin texture, and it’s ideal for skin that needs a little extra hydration before applying moisturizer. We love how it leaves our skin glowy and radiant—and once absorbed it doesn’t interfere with makeup. We also dabbed a little on our cuticles and it revived our almost-overdue manicure.

Another major plus: The price. You get antioxidant protection and hydration for under $14—and it’s organic. So what are you waiting for?

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