A spray-on reboot for your skin and mood

If you don’t use a skin mist for a mid-day boost, you don’t know what you’re missing. A few spritzes put the spring back in your step better than a 4pm coffee run or snack (and don’t pile on extra calories)—and leave your skin radiant. With the right scent, soothing mist can also deliver an uplifting mood boost, and Jane Iredale’s Smell the Roses Hydration Spray is just the product to do it.

Comprised of Rose Damascena flower water, oil and extracts (and other natural good-for-your-skin ingredients), this organic facial mist has myriad skin benefits. Just a two to three sprays serve up hydration, nourishment, redness reduction and a circulation boost that works wonders for your complexion. And while you may think a facial mist would mess up your makeup, it actually helps revive your foundation and even out any color that might settle into crevices throughout the day. (If you find you use too much, simply blot your face with a tissue or smooth things over with a makeup sponge.) 

Beyond the extra moisture, skin calming and refreshing benefits, 100 percent of the profits from the sale of this spray are donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an incredible organization that provides trustworthy information and a community of support for those fighting the fight.

IBB Tip: Leave this mist (or whichever one you have on hand) on your desk so it’s within reach the moment you think to use it!

Crazy color, curls and cancer research come together