An unexpected skincare find from a makeup favorite

I’m still working my way through that monstrous package of products from a few weeks ago, and there have been plenty of pleasant surprises (stay tuned for my musings as I get them on the May schedule!) including this little white bottle from one of my favorite makeup brands. I’m always a bit reluctant when it comes to skincare from a makeup company since I feel like everyone should stick to what they know—but I’m more than happy to give Jouer some ink in IBB’s Skincare section because the Daily Clarifying Treatment Oil deserves it.

Before I dive into the details, how pretty is this bottle? The gold dresses it up so nicely, and adds a little dash of glamour at the end of the day—but I digress. The real beauty of this bottle is what’s inside, as this blend of certified organic oils (i.e. grapeseed, jojoba, rice bran, sunflower seed, meadowfoam, evening primrose and more) is formulated to moisturize, tone and minimize oil production.

I still can’t get comfortable using a skincare oil in the morning since the South Florida weather is hot and muggy more often than not, but this became a staple in my nighttime regimen the first time I used it. I absolutely love the lightweight hydration that absorbs in a flash—and for anyone sensitive to overly fragranced products, you have nothing to worry about here. Depending on the state of my skin, I’ll use it on its own or layer on top of moisturizer for extra hydration—and so far I haven’t had one bad skin day.