Likeable makeup from an unlikely source

Growing up, I always walked by the Merle Norman store at the local mall—but never went in. Honestly, I just couldn’t figure out what went on in there, and I headed to the Ultima II counter at Burdine’s instead. So I was slightly taken aback when a bunch of Merle Norman products landed on my doorstep last week, I put the past behind me—and was pleasantly surprised!

I’m never one to turn down a little help in the radiance department, and I’ve found that a little highlighter can go a long way. Sometimes I’ll mix a bit into my foundation, other times I’ll dab directly on my cheekbones or brow bones, so a versatile product is key. To this end, the Liquid Shimmer is pretty amazing. It adds the perfect amount of glow without being overly shimmery, and the pump helps prevent a big-old mess.

I also received the Wicked Lash Mascara, which certainly gets the job done. The brush is big and fluffy for maximum volume and length—and it wasn’t all over my face at the end of the day. When I paired it with the Mascara Primer I did a double take, because it really amped up my lashes. The Pro Pen Eyeliner was last up, and I like how you can use this felt-tip liner to create thin and thick lines with precision. It has incredible staying power, and it stayed put right up until I washed it off.

In a nutshell, I kind of wish there was a Merle Norman store at my local mall now. I’d totally pop in to check out more of their products, because the basics I’ve tried are winners!

Go from the sheets to the street with a slept-in look