Sunday nights call for serious skincare

In my opinion, Sunday nights were made for masks. There’s nothing like starting a fresh week with fresh skin, and last night I took iS Clinical’s Tri-Active Exfoliant for a test drive. My bestie (who happens to be a beauty PR maven) sent this to me in a major care package last week (ou can see the haul on my Instagram) and it was at the top of my first-to-try list.

In a nutshell, I think this mask was made just for my skin. My first thought: If you’re only supposed to use this once every 2 to 4 weeks, we’re talking some serious stuff. You apply a thin layer while massaging in circles, and that’s when the microbeads start the exfoliation process. Then, you leave it on for 5 minutes so the enzymes can literally melt the dead cells on the skin’s surface, leaving you with a soft, smooth, super-radiant complexion. Even more, there’s salicylic acid that helps unclog pores, in turn minimizing their appearance for a nearly flawless visage.

I actually followed this mask with an overnight hydrating mask since I spent quite a bit of time in the pool over the weekend, and now I’m ready to face the week ahead—and so is my skin!

Is it foundation, or is it skincare?