Want to take a trip to Morocco? All you need is your nose…

I have a confession to make… Behind my obvious love for designer fashion and high-maintenance exterior, I’m really just a hippie at heart. I have three pairs of Birkenstocks comingling with my Manolos and Jimmy Choos—and we regularly burn patchouli incense in the house. So when I received an email about Kahina Giving Beauty’s new Fez Perfume Oil (and its notes of rose, orange blossom, patchouli, vetiver, ylang ylang, cumin and clove) I was so in!

Inspired by the bustling and aromatic city of Fez, Morocco—and countless reports that women were using Kahina’s Fez Body Serum as a perfume—this warm, spicy essential oil blend comes with a handy rollerball applicator for easy touch-ups (and minimal spillage) on the go. And with the holiday travel season upon us, it’s TSA-approved so you can carry it on with you.

I absolutely adore this scent for more casual days when Chanel or Hermes just feels too fancy. I get stopped by at least one person every time I wear it, and I even caught my husband stealing a whiff when he thought I was in the other room!

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